1. Start your Registration

To register, please select the REGISTER button on the login page. Be aware that each link is a separate Symphony instance and requires its own registration. Please reference How to access Symphony for more information on the available contract vehicles.

2. Enter your Email Address

For government registration, an email address must end in .gov or .mil. Symphony sends you a validation email to verify your email address. Please reference the Registration FAQ if you experience issues.

3. Enter the Verification Code

Enter the code provided in the verification email and then press CONTINUE. Please be aware any additional spaces in your temporary code will cause an error. 

  • If you did not receive an email, please check your spam folder. You may use cancel at this time if you need to enter your email again.

4. Acknowledge the MFA requirement 

Be sure to have the Multi-Factor Authentication requirement understood before registering. Symphony requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) when you register for the first time and every time you sign in. 

5. Select your Role

Symphony will display four options for you to choose from regarding your use of Symphony when available. You can pick the role that applies to you. 

6. Enter your Office Code

Enter the code for your Contracting Office and then select LOOKUP ORGANIZATION.

7. Confirm your Organization

If the information displayed is correct and you are authorized to access Symphony on behalf of this organization, confirm this information by choosing YES to proceed. Choose NO to return to the previous step.

8. Create your Account and Password

Your username is your email address. Complete the fields to connect your username to your first and last name. You must meet the password requirements. You may select cancel at this time if you need to cancel your registration.

9. Setup your Multi-Factor Authentication

For Multi-Factor Authentication, you can use any time-based Authenticator Application or choose SMS delivery of the six-digit code. You must validate the completion of this step by entering the code provided by your MFA tool. Contact us for an MFA reset if you fail to complete this step.

10. Your Registration is Complete

A confirmation page will let you know that you have successfully registered. Return to the main page for Symphony and sign in. If you still need help, contact us.

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