How Symphony Performer Works

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You may watch the following general overview video or read the article in order to successfully work with orders and tasks in Symphony. 

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Introduction to Symphony

Symphony is a full lifecycle procurement Software as a Service (SaaS) allowing government organizations to manage complex contracts. Symphony ensures organizations are purchasing according to fair opportunity laws and rules.  Symphony enforces transparency and integrity in both the initial contract award and contract management.

Contract Vehicle Program Officers

Contract Vehicle Program Officers are managers. They can view all activities happening within the contract.

Ordering Contracting Officers

Ordering Contracting Officers can create and submit orders, manage Q&A, and award proposals.

Contract Holders

Contract Holders are Industry Partners. They can view released orders, submit questions, upload proposals, and manage contract data.

General Navigation

You will have a personalized view of your Symphony dashboard upon signing in.

Menu Bar

  • Dashboard: Click this link to access your personalized dashboard.
  • Reports: Click this link to view, sort, and export reports for analysis and performance tracking as applicable to the contract vehicle.  
  • Help & Information: Click this link to access various tutorials or request assistance from the Symphony help desk.
  • User Icon: Click your user icon to log out or access your personal information. You can make changes to the following data:
    • Personal Information: Phone, fax number, and position/job title
    • Credentials:  Change your password or reconfigure an MFA app with your QR code.

The Dashboard Interface

  • Orders Being Processed: An overview widget. 
  • Announcements
  • Contract Holder Performance: Updates occur nightly.
  • Orders: View, filter, and sort orders. Click the tracking number to see more details about a specific order.
  • My Tasks: View outstanding tasks.

Understanding Orders


The actions or who is up next depends on the status of an order. The status options are:


Released – Pending Proposals



Submitted – Assigned

Selection Made

Submitted – Approved

Award Approved

Approved – Pending Release


Released – Pending Questions


The status descriptions are below:

DEFINITION: Once an Ordering Contracting Officer enters the title for an order, the order will be in Definition status. Definition orders do not have a Release Date.

Program Officers may be able to see and edit task orders in DEFINITION.

SUBMITTED: A submitted order is pending approval by the Program Office. Once the Program Office acts on a Submitted order, the order status can change to the following:

Use My Tasks to see what the Program Office may need to approve for an order.

DEFINITION - REVISION REQUESTED: An order in definition-revision requested status means the Program Office requested clarification. Ordering Contracting Officers view the Program Office comments in the approval history tab. Ordering Contracting Officers should make the proper changes and re-submit.

RELEASED: Contract Holders receive notifications and can see released orders. A released task order can have Program Officer's approval. 

PENDING QUESTIONS: A released task order with pending questions gives the Contract Holders the option to ask questions before the submission deadline. Ordering Contracting Officers use the Respond to Questions tab to check and answer questions submitted by the Contract Holders.

PENDING PROPOSALS: A released task order with pending proposals does not give the Contract Holders the option to ask questions before the submission deadline. Contract Holders must respond by uploading a proposal or submitting a No Bid response.

Contract Holders submitting responses before the deadline can modify and re-submit.

EVALUATION: When an order is in Evaluation status, Ordering Contracting Officers evaluate proposals and award a Contract Holder.

SELECTION MADE: An order has the Selection Made status when the Ordering Contracting Officer's award Contract Holders and the Program Office may have final approval. Go to the Awards tab to see the Contract Holders who can receive the Award.

If the Program Office requests clarification, the status returns to evaluation. Ordering Contracting Officers view the Program Office comments in the Approval History tab and must submit the award selection again.

AWARD APPROVED: When the Ordering Contracting Officers submit their award choice, the status changes to Award Approved. An Award Approved task order can also have Program Officer approval.

If you still need help, please contact us.

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