Please follow these instructions to successfully start your proposal(s) in Symphony.

Step 1. Complete Your Company Profile 

Step 2. Start Your Submission(s)

Step 3. Add Your Assets

Step 4. Check Out the Live Score


1. Complete Your Company Profile 

Before applying for a solicitation, use the My Company link to build your company asset library before the submission deadline. Your company asset library forms the building blocks used to assemble your proposal(s). It is reusable across all of your proposal submissions which means that it is where general information belongs. Please reference the Industry Support folder for more information on each asset.

Start in My Company 

2. Start Your Submission(s)

When the Solicitation is open to submissions, you will be able to "Start your Submission" for the desired area or "Continue your Submission" to complete your proposal in multiple sittings or review before submission.


3. Add Your Assets

Pick your Teaming Partners

You can add Team Members or MRCLs to your proposal using the Team Members or MRCLs tab and the select box. Once added, the Business Factors on the Proposal Overview page will show half-shading to represent the claims coming from the members (regardless of how many have a factor). Any changes to your team members’ or MRCLs' data occur in the My Company section.

Additional information on Company assets can be found in the following folders.

Select Company Assets for Proposal 

Pick your Projects

Add your Projects to your proposal using the Projects tab and the select box. A project is defined by its title, contract number, and Prime Contractor. Additional information on Project data can be found in the following folders.

Make sure to begin or modify your Performance Factors to receive points for your solicitation-specific experience. You will be able to reference multiple documents and select or deselect these references as needed. You must link to a file for reference and should provide reference “tags”. How you tag this information is at your discretion.

 Claim additional performance factors

4. Check Out the Live Score

For more information about the Live Score displayed at the top of the screen, click the Live Score button to review your Scorecard, what the point values are, and how many points you have as you add your company assets to your offer. 

  • Complete your Company profile using the My Company link before starting your submission(s) and adding your assets. Please reference the Industry Support folder for more information.
  • Use the Review Tab for a more detailed look into your SAM Data, Scorecard, and the company assets included in your offer. 

Review your submission carefully 

If you still need help, contact us.

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