Before registering as a Symphony Administrator, please confirm that you are listed as a Point of Contact (POC) for your company at the System for Award Management ( You can follow these steps.

1. Go to and sign in.

2. Use the Search option and filter the results by Entity Information.

3. Enter the Company name or UEI.

4. Select the desired record by clicking on the company name.

5. Go to the Points of Contact tab or the end of the SAM record to see the company's trusted POC(s). 

  • If your name is listed, you can register for Symphony as an Administrator. Please download or save a copy of your SAM record that shows the Point of Contact names and email addresses for additional verification after registering in Symphony. Please contact us and provide your SAM UEI and a copy of your POC information so that we can verify your access.
  • If your name is not listed, please Register as a Business User. POC(s) can follow these steps at the desired Symphony website. 

Please reference How to Access Symphony for more information on the available contract vehicles and the related websites.

Step 1. Click Register Now

Step 2. Acknowledge the Checklist

Step 3. Register for your Organization

Step 4. Configure your Account 

Step 5. Request Activation

1. Click Register Now

Go to Symphony to start your registration. Symphony has no affiliation with SAM and only uses it to verify your entity information. Registration and administrative tasks happen in Symphony only. Points of Contact are considered authorized users for an organization when registering at the right website for the contract vehicle. Please reference How to Review the SAM data for more information on finding the Point of Contact list at and be aware of the following rules.

  1. Your email address can only be linked to one company on a Symphony website. 
  2. A user must set up their own preferred method of Multi-factor Authentication (MFA). You cannot add users.
  3. Do not register with a group email addressOnly use an individual email account.

Use the Register Now link

Symphony sends an email to validate that your email address is correct. You will need the validation code from this email to continue. 

  • Please check your spam or trash folders if you do not receive an email. 
  • You may press cancel at this time if you need to start over and try again.


2. Acknowledge the Checklist

For your convenience, please have these requirements ready before registering.  

Registration Checklist

3. Register for your Organization

Enter the UEI for the Prime Entity who will receive the contract award or the contract holder. 

  • If you have more than one cage code assigned to your UEI, include the cage code. 
  • Do not enter the UEI of a CTA Contractor, Subcontractor, or JV Member.
  • A company cannot share its data with another company under separate registrations.

If the information displayed is correct, choose “Yes” to proceed. 

Please pay close attention to the cage code retrieved from SAM to ensure you register for the right company. 

If you register incorrectly, please contact us.

4. Configure your Account 

Your username is your email address but your first and last name will help identify your account. Password requirements must meet standard best practices and you may press cancel at this time if you need to cancel your registration.

  1. For Multi-Factor Authentication, you can use any time-based Authenticator Application. Please reference the Symphony Authentication folder for more information about MFA. 
    • Do not scan the QR code with your phone camera. 
    • Use an Authenticator Application or choose text messages. Email is not an option.
  2. Please complete your registration by entering the code your MFA tool provides. 


A confirmation page will let you know when you have successfully registered. 

5. Request Activation

Once your registration is complete, please contact us with your SAM UEI and a copy of your POC information so that we can verify your access and activate your account. There is no auto-activation.

If you still need help, contact us.

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