OASIS Contract Holder FAQ

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The following are some frequently asked questions regarding Symphony for OASIS. The required URL for OASIS contract holders is https://oasis.app.cloud.gov/


I did not receive an invitation to register. 

Invitations to register went to the OASIS COCM provided to us. Sometimes the message is blocked as spam or filtered into the trash. It is from no-reply@gsa.gov. Please thoroughly check your email. 

Be advised that if you registered in Symphony at a different website, you need to complete a new registration for this instance of Symphony. This login is in addition to any other Symphony login.  We are working on a single login for Symphony and hope to have it available soon.

How do I get an invitation if my COCM has left?

Change requests were submitted using the Contractor Update Tool. The CS and CO then made an update through a modification. We were notified and sent out the invites from Symphony as it was updated.  


I registered with the wrong UEI. 

Contact us with the correct information and we can help you with this issue.

How do I register under more than one company?

You cannot register for multiple companies using the same email address. If you are submitting proposals on behalf of multiple companies, you will need a unique email address for each company (DUNS/UEI).

Do all users need to be listed as SAM POC(s) before registering in Symphony?

No. After your company's SAM POC(s) register for Symphony, they receive access to the administration link inside Symphony so that they can manage your company's users. Please reference the Administration FAQ for more information.


I can't activate a user.

If you have administration on your menu bar, you can activate other registered users by clicking the inactive link. 

  • If you can't see a user, they may have registered under a different DUNS/UEI. Please confirm the DUNS/UEI that received the contract award, contact us, and we can help you with this issue.

If "inactive" is listed twice, please let us know, and we can help. For more information on who has the administration permissions, please see the Administration articles.

How do I add other users?

You cannot add users to Symphony but, registered and active users are available in drop-down menus. 

  • Be aware that all users must register with their unique email addresses and complete the multi-factor authentication (MFA) setup. 
  • SMS may be a less reliable option than using an MFA app. For more information, please see the MFA FAQ.
  • Do not register with group email addresses because this could cause issues with the MFA requirement. For more information, please see How to Manage Your Points of Contact.

How do I select more than one Proposal Manager?

You can only select one proposal manager at this time, but you can change it as necessary. A proposal manager is not required. The SAM POC(s) and the proposal manager have access to administration to manage your users. 

How do I add the distribution email address?

After logging in, follow these instructions. 

  1. Click on My Company.
  2. Click on the Contracts link in the left menu. 
  3. Select the contract that you need to update.  
  4. Click Point of Contacts. 
  5. Update the distribution email so that it is a company email address. 
  • Each contract requires a distribution email. 
  • Symphony will send notifications to the distribution email address. 
  • Manage the users on your distribution email internally.

Please reference How to Manage Your Points of Contact for more information.

Contract Management

I can't see my contracts.

Locate your contract(s) in the My Company link. Your contracts link to your company when the COCM that received the invitation to Symphony registers under the awarded DUNS/UEI. Please reference How Symphony for OASIS Contract Holders Works for more information.

How do I update the COCM or COPM?

After you log in, you will see the My Company link in the top menu. 

  1. Go to My Company and then use the Contracts link in the left menu. 
  2. Select the contract that you need to update. 
  3. Go to the Points of Contact tab to choose the registered user you would like to assign to these roles. 
  4. Update the Contract Manager and/or Program Manager.

For more information, please see How to Manage Your Points of Contact.

Contract Points of Contact screen

Are the solicitation documents attached to the distribution email notification? 

The distribution email only provides a link to the order in Symphony. A user must log in to retrieve the documents for distribution to your company. You will receive emails for release, amendment, and award at the distribution email address.

External Orders are orders posted via another method, ie. eBuy or distribution email.  
External Orders require you to visit another site to view the details. 

Who can submit questions/proposals?

All active users can submit responses and proposals in Symphony. You may want to limit the number of users who have access to Symphony so you can successfully manage your contracts. 

Can Symphony be crawled by a third party with credentials provided by the prime?  

Not currently.

If you still need help, please contact us.

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