You may review the following Step by Step Instructions to successfully monitor responses and report awards in Symphony for OASISThe required URL for OASIS ordering activities is 

How to Use Response Monitoring

  1. Look for orders that are Released-Pending Proposals. 
  2. Click the order link from the Orders Dashboard. 
  3. If you are a point of contact (POC) for the order, select the Response Monitoring tab.
  • View Organizations submitted proposals: Follow the link to the documents tab. View Contract Holder's proposals from the Selection Documents folder.

  • View "No Bid" Organizations

How to Report Award

If a task order is in Evaluation status, the Report Award tab allows you to evaluate proposals and award a Contract Holder.

Step 1. Report Award

Select the Order in Evaluation status from the Dashboard and select the Report Award tab. The Award Decision is viewable.

Step 2. Select Awardee(s)

Review the Title, Contracting Officer, and select the Awardee(s) with the checkbox.

Step 3. Provide Award Details

When an Awardee is selected, provide the required award details. Save your decision data for each of the Awardee(s) selected. Upon award approval, Symphony can automatically send emails to successful and unsuccessful offerors. Make sure to choose the option you prefer, or both will receive a notification.

Step 4. Submit Award

If you Submit an Award for release, the Orders status will be Selection Made. The Awards tab will then be available.

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