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The following are some frequently asked questions Industry users have regarding Symphony.


Additional Resources available in Troubleshooting Help.

Administrative Tasks

How do I restrict user access?

All registered and active users can see and work with all the data in Symphony under the prime's UEI and cage code. This is done so that the user responsible for submitting the proposal can verify that the information provided and uploaded is done accurately. (See Managing Your Business Users).

How can I change my profile information?

All users can sign out or update their profile information from the top-right icon. You can change your password and add or update an authenticator app by scanning the QR code for your login. (See the MFA Folder for more information).


Why can't I respond to a clarification?

Only authorized users can respond before the Clarification Deadline. 

  • Authorized users are SAM POC administrators and the Open Market Proposal Manager
  • Please reach out to your administrators if you need access. 
  • They can assign you a role with the necessary permissions (See Figure 1).

Open Market Proposal Manager assignment

Figure 1. The Proposal Manager assignment in Administration

How can I update my submitted response?

Users can only respond to a clarification one time. The response is received immediately after submission.

How do I modify my clarification response after submission?

Users can only edit their replies before submission. 

  • A saved response updates the clarification status from Needs Attention to Awaiting Submission to the Program Office
  • Submitted clarifications display the status Responded to the Program Office
    • You will see a Read-Only View of the clarification communications after submission.

How do I add more documents to my clarification response?

Users cannot make changes to responses after submission.

Why can't I see my updated documents in the Document Library?

The Clarification documents will not appear in your submission or My Company to protect the integrity of the original offer. The program office team has access to clarification document(s) in a separate area for tracking.

Can Symphony reopen a clarification request or confirm receipt?

No. If you have questions, please ask the program office for help. Symphony does not have the authority to reopen a clarification or speculate on the program's request.

Company Assets (My Company) 

Are Symphony portals linked across different opportunities? If we upload our company certifications and documents for one, can they be pulled into another?

No. Information is not shared between Symphony websites, so anything you enter for one website needs to be re-entered in the next.

How do we add a missing Funding Agency ID? 

If the agency you need is not listed, send us the FPDS code from your contract, and contract number, and include a copy of the FPDS report for verification because we get our data directly from FPDS. Contact the program office directly if an FPDS report does not exist.

How do we identify projects/past performances performed as a subcontractor?

If you add a project to My Company where you performed as a subcontractor, you are not contracting directly to the government. This would be considered a commercial project. Your company is the Team Member for the subcontract.

Contract Management

How does on-ramping work?

Only designated Contract Managers will receive an invite from Symphony to register. Once registered, Contract Managers will be able to:

  • Activate and manage registered users from their company.
  • Update the Distribution email for their contracts.
  • Assign other registered users as Points of Contact.


Why can't I see my contracts?

You can find your contract(s) in the My Company link if you registered for the correct company at the right link for the Contract Vehicle. 

Your contracts may only link to your company when the Contract Manager who received the invitation to Symphony registers.

How do I complete Contract Modifications?

Staff Users: Please go to My Company > Contracts > Contract Documents > Download file(s).

Administrators: Please use My Company > Contracts > Contract Modifications > Click the row > Sign the file.

Why can't I sign a Contract Modification?

When Staff Users go to My Company > Contract > Contract Link, they can only view the Contract Documents tab and Download file(s). 

  1. Please ask your Administrators to include you in the Administrator group so you can sign contract modifications or they can go to My Company > Contract > Contract Link and then Contract Modifications, click the row and sign the file.

Contract Performance

Are the solicitation documents attached to the distribution email notification? 

No. The distribution email only receives a link to the order in Symphony. 

  • You will receive emails for release, amendment, and award at the distribution email address.
  • A user must log in to retrieve the documents for distribution to your company. 

How are orders and announcements different?

Orders are targeted to eligible recipients, while announcements are general information. 

You can only see and respond to an RFI/RFP if released to your company and the selected socioeconomic and market segments

Why can we see an opportunity within the Symphony portal but can't access the documents?

Orders are targeted to eligible recipients, and if you can not see all the details, the order may not have been released to your contract by the buyer. You can only see and respond to an RFI/RFP when it is released to your company and the selected socioeconomic and market segments.

Who can submit questions/proposals?

All active users can submit questions in Symphony. 

  • Administrators can submit proposals and permit other users to submit proposals. 
  • Administrators may want to limit the number of users accessing Symphony so you can successfully manage your contracts.

What are External Orders? 

External Orders were task orders posted via another method, ie. eBuy or distribution email.  

External Orders require you to visit another site to view the details.

Can Symphony be accessed by a third party with credentials provided by the prime company?  

Not currently. 


Does Symphony accept the following document types?

  • Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)
  • For Official Use Only (FOUO)
  • Sensitive but Unclassified (SBU)

Yes. CUI, FOUO, and SBU documents may be submitted in Symphony. We do not allow classified documents and you would need approval from the requesting agency to provide password-protected documents. 

Do we need to combine the documents we will have more than one of?
No, the documents you upload to My Company are reusable. Symphony will keep everything organized for you and the evaluators in the Document Library.

What are the file limits?

Symphony will allow you to attach as many files as you need to support your claims, but the size limitation of 20MB will prevent you from uploading too large of a file. File uploads also have additional rules.

  1. File names cannot exceed 250 characters.
  2. Files cannot be combined into a "zip" folder, but there is no limit to how many files you can upload.
  3. You can not drag and drop from Sharepoint or other Cloud Drives. Files must come from your computer.


How do I delete documents?

  • If you started a proposal, please go to your submission.  Select Projects/Past Performance and click the "Modify" button for the respective project. Remove the references from the claims and delete them when you return to My Company/Projects.
  • If you are attempting to delete a document uploaded as a Business Factor, please remove the claim from the Prime or Team Member's Business Factor and delete the documents that do not apply. Then close the factor to keep it unclaimed or certify and save your changes to update the claim.

Proposal Submission(s)

Can the program office see the documents I post before submission? 

No, the program office team will only receive submitted proposals when the solicitation deadline is met. Up until the deadline, offerors may review and edit their proposals. Once the deadline is met, all assets are frozen.

How do I cancel a submission I started by mistake? How do I delete a submission?

You can't undo a submission started in error, but the government will only receive proposals you certify and submit. If you take no further action, it won't go anywhere and you can consider it a "draft."

How does Symphony calculate project points?

When you add projects from My Company to your submission, Symphony will pull the scoring elements from your project details. In your submission, "Begin" or "Modify" the performance factors that apply to the project for additional scoring elements. 

How do I add more tags to Symphony?

The Tag legend only applies to projects in My Company because these details are reusable. Enter your unique tags when you "Begin" the Performance Factors for Projects in your Submission.

How do I identify that my projects/past performances are in scope?

  1. Use the My Company link to build your asset library and add your Projects/Past Performance.
  2. Return to the dashboard and start your submission.
  3. Select your Projects and use the Begin button under Performance Factors to add your scope details.

How do I select more than one Proposal Manager?

You can only select one proposal manager currently, but administrators can change the role at will in the Administration link. A proposal manager is not required to use Symphony. 

What does "location in file" mean?

The location can mean a keyword or be a brief description of where the information can be found in the document: page number, section, paragraph, etc.  A keyword becomes known as a tag. 

Who can submit the proposal?

Your SAM POC administrator(s) or Open Market proposal manager can submit your proposal(s). Then the applicable pool will display the submission date and time, with the option to view the details of it. If the details are viewed, these users can undo the submission, and make edits until the solicitation deadline. However, they should carefully review and resubmit if changes are made. Once the Solicitation deadline is met, all assets are frozen and the program office will only receive submitted proposals.

SAM Data

How do we get our DUNS to display?

DUNS numbers are not being used and will not be displayed in your company information. If the UEI is for the correct company, your proposal(s) will be credited correctly.

Security Protocols

How do I change the timeout logout?

The timeout is set to 15 minutes. This is a security requirement from GSA security.

What security protocols are in place to protect my proprietary data? 

Symphony is hosted on with a FISMA Moderate 3-year ATO. All data is encrypted in transit and rest. Details can be requested from the GSA IT Security office.


Do subcontractors or JV members' accounts auto-populate their data when I add them to my team members?

No. To upload information for your proposal, the subcontractor or JV member must register under the UEI and Cage code for the company that will be the prime offeror. No documents uploaded to a different UEI will auto-populate into your account.

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