Please follow these instructions to successfully respond to clarifications in Symphony. Only authorized users will be notified of a clarification request.

Step 1. Select View Details

Step 2. Select Clarifications

Step 3. Provide a Response

Step 4. Submit Response


1. Select View Details

From your Symphony dashboard, navigate to your submission(s). On the tab that states Submitted, select View Details. Your proposal details will be displayed.


2. Select Clarifications

A notification icon displays on the Clarifications tab when the government requests more information. Select the Clarifications tab.

You can only respond before the Clarification Deadline.


3. Provide a Response

A clarification response that Needs Attention will be displayed. You can submit your reply to the Program Office before the clarification deadline. Review the Program Office inquiry and enter your clarifying information in the response space. Attach documents to support your response. When your document upload is successful, you can download or remove documents from the attachments table.

  • Make sure you save your response. You may edit and submit your reply up to the Clarification deadline. A saved response updates the clarification status from Needs Attention to Awaiting Submission to the Program Office.


4. Submit Response

Submit your clarification response to the Program Office. You can select Cancel and then Save if you need to make changes. When you have no more information to provide, Submit your Response before the clarification deadline. You cannot edit your reply after you submit it. 

Your clarification status will be Responded to the Program Office. You will see a Read-Only View of the clarification communications. You can view the clarification request, and your response and download your attached files after submitting your clarification response. You cannot recall your response or make any changes to it once you submit it.

In addition, clarification documents will not appear in your submission documents because the new requirement should not be added to the original submission. It is not an issue to be unable to see them in your Document Library as the program office team has access to the document(s) in a separate area for tracking. 

If you still need help, contact us.

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