How to Review Your Proposal(s)

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Please follow these instructions to successfully review your solicitation proposals in Symphony.

Step 1. Understand the Proposal Overview

Step 2. Review your Proposal


1. Understand the Proposal Overview

The Proposal Overview is a high-level summary of the information entered in Symphony, such as Team Members, MRCLs, Project Experience, and Business Factors relevant to the solicitation. Links to the Document Library and your SAM data are also at the bottom of this page.  The overview can help you identify what is missing and what is complete. 

Proposal Overview 

All Business Factors relevant to the solicitation are part of your proposal submission. The Business Factors on the Proposal Overview show half-shading to represent the claims coming from the team members added to the proposal (regardless of how many have a factor). You should only see full shading for the business factors that belong to the prime entity.

2. Review your Proposal 

Use the Review Tab to see what the assembled proposal looks like to the Program Office and evaluators once submitted. Expand each section to review the information you have assembled to see how each section comes together. Red messages should be corrected and orange messages are just advisories. Blue messages are for information.

Proposal Review Screen 

View the Proposal Contacts assigned to the Proposal. 

  • These users may respond to clarification requests or manage the contract after the award. These roles are not part of Symphony Administration.

Warning messages will not prevent you from submitting. 

  • The messages can be informative (orange) or they may let you know that your proposal contains errors that may cause your submission to be non-compliant (red). Your Score and Points are provisional until all errors are resolved and you should consider correcting them before submitting.

Open Panels or Print Your Submission. 

  • Use the Open Panels button to open all the parts of your proposal or use the Print option to save a copy for your records after submission by using the View Details link that will appear on the Dashboard. The parts of the proposal include your SAM data, Scoring Information, Team Members, MRCLs, Project Experience, Business Factors, and Documents.


SAM Data
The Prime Offerors SAM Data. The most important elements are UEI, Cage, Address, Business Types, and NAICS Codes. They may or may not be required to match the corresponding solicitation.
Scoring Information
The Scoring Details for the Solicitation and area include the Point Value available and the score the proposal element earned. This information is also available in the Live Score button.
Team Member Information
The Prime Offeror is the first Team Member. Additional Team Members included in the proposal are also listed.
MRCL Information
MRCLs included in the proposal are listed.
Project Information
The projects included in the proposal. Expand each Project panel to review the Project Summary and the Performance Factors claimed for additional scoring elements.
Business Factor Information
The Business Factors included in the proposal for the prime and all additional team members added to the proposal are clearly identified and easy to cross-reference.
All the documents included in the proposal from the My Company link and the Submission Documents upload as configured.


Be aware the Submit function is not available until after the Q&A deadline or the program office enables the feature. If the government needs to make amendments to the solicitation, this prevents you from having to submit it multiple times. 

Only a SAM POC Administrator or the Open Market Proposal Manager can submit your proposal.
Scroll to the bottom and click submit if you have the permissions. Please reference the Administration folder for more information. 

Once submitted, Symphony will display the submission date and time, with the option to view the details of it. There will be a print option inside the View Details link that appears on the Dashboard so you can save a copy of the submission for your records. 

  • The files that are used in your submission(s) must remain until after submission and the solicitation deadline. 
  • Do not delete anything you need to submit until after the solicitation deadline. 
  • Symphony is unavailable when a solicitation deadline occurs so your assets will be saved. 

If you still need help, contact us.

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