Assembling Your Proposal(s)

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Proposals in Symphony are assembled by completing these steps:

1. Understand the Symphony Dashboard 

When the solicitation(s) are open to proposals on the Dashboard, you can "Start your Submission" or "Continue your Submission" to complete your proposal in multiple sittings or review it before submission (See Figure 1). 


Figure 1. Solicitations accepting proposals will display the Start Submission button. 
The My Company link appears at the top of the Symphony Dashboard. 

2. Leverage the Proposal Overview

The Proposal Overview summarizes the information you enter in Symphony and add to your proposal, such as Team Members, MRCLs, Project Experience, and Business Factors relevant to the solicitation (See Figure 2). 

The left menu guides you through assembling your proposal.

  • Business Factors are automatically added to the scorecard for the Prime offeror, and any Teaming Partners included in your submission.  


Figure 2. The Proposal Overview summarizes assets imported from My Company and added to the Submission.

Links to the Document Library and your SAM data are at the bottom of the Proposal Overview.

  • SAM data is pulled directly from your public SAM record (See Understanding the SAM Connection). If there is an issue with your data, update it at SAM, and then give 24-48 hours for the change to reflect in their database. The data in Symphony is for reference use only. 
  • A request to refresh the SAM data may require a contract modification and a ticket to the helpdesk outlining the changes. Contact us for a SAM refresh and please let us know your UEI/cage so the official SAM record can be retrieved.  


3. Assign your Proposal Contacts

The Contract Manager and Program Manager assignment occurs in the Proposal Contacts section of each proposal submission. Select yourself or another registered user from your company (See Figure 3). 

  • You cannot assign positions to users not registered in Symphony (See Managing Your Business Users). 
  • All users should register themselves (See Registering as a Business User). 
  • Proposal Contacts cannot be changed after the solicitation deadline but they can be changed after the Contract Award.


Figure 3. The Proposal Contacts screen allows self-assignment or selection of another registered user for the COCM or COPM role (also known as CACM or CAPM)


4. Include your Company Assets

In Symphony, you can add different team members, MRCLs, or Projects to each submission. Select the specific asset stored in the My Company workspace and add it to the submission from a drop-down menu (See Figure 4). 

Figure 4. Select Projects created in My Company to add to the proposal.

5. Add your Performance Factors

The solicitation-specific Performance Factors are claimed for each project you add to your submission (See Figure 5.1).

  • Performance Factors help you earn additional points for your proposal (See Figure 5.2). 
  • Tags may be entered in the Location in File field when referencing the files that support the claims (See Documenting Projects/Past Performance).


Figure 5.1. Projects display the Performance Factors column so you can claim additional scores for each project in every proposal.

Figure 5.2. Select Solicitation-specific Performance Factors for additional scores for each project in every proposal. 


6. Upload your Submission Documents 

The solicitation-required form(s), such as the SF-33 or SF-30 are uploaded in the Submission Documents section once Q&A is complete or enabled by the Program Office. 


Figure 6. Standard Forms are uploaded in the Submission Documents section of the proposal

7. Review the Document Library

The Document Library in a submission displays all the files included in your proposal (See Figure 7). 

  • Proposal Files must remain until after submission and the solicitation deadline (See Submitting Your Proposal). 
  • Symphony is unavailable when a solicitation deadline occurs so your assets are saved and you can delete submitted files after the deadline.


Figure 7. The Document Library within a proposal displays the files included before the deadline and submission.


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