Asking Questions & Viewing Responses

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When the Symphony Q&A Feature is enabled for a solicitation, ask questions and view the responses in Symphony by completing these steps.


1. Go to Ask Questions

The Solicitation section in Symphony displays the Ask Questions button if the Program Office enables the feature (See Figure 1). 

  • If enabled, questions can be submitted any time after the solicitation is posted at
  • Symphony enforces the Q&A deadline and the option to Ask Questions in Symphony is only available before the Question Deadline.

Figure 1. Symphony Dashboard with the Ask Questions feature enabled


2. Enter your Question

  1. In the Question entry field, select the section of the solicitation you have questions about.
  2. Enter the section number or a more general reference term, as applicable.
  3. Add the question in the available space or clear your work as needed.
  4. Save places the item in the Unsubmitted Questions list. 


3. Review Unsubmitted Questions

Unsubmitted questions are available to all users in your organization. 

  • All users can view and edit unsubmitted questions as needed.  
  • If you have multiple questions, you can rearrange the order of the questions.
  • In the unsubmitted state, you can also delete questions.
  • Unsubmitted Questions are not available to the Program Office.

4. Submit Questions 

You cannot recall a question or make any changes once your question(s) have been submitted.

  • All users can submit questions and they are displayed on the Ask Questions screen.
  • Symphony does not send submission receipts. 

A link to View Responses may be available on the Symphony dashboard if the Program Office enables the feature (See Figure 2).

  • If the Program Office responds in Symphony, the answer is displayed next to your question.

Figure 2. Symphony Dashboard with the Released Answers link enabled

if Q&A is not enabled, a consolidated list of questions and answers will be available for your review at  

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