Please review the Inquiry Management steps to have a successful experience with Symphony.


  1. Select Inquiry Management 
  2. Respond to Questions
  3. Create a Question
  4. Draft Questions
  5. Released Questions

Select Inquiry Management 

From the solicitation section in Symphony, the available solicitation will have a button to go to the Inquiry Management page. Submitted Questions occur any time after the solicitation posts at Inquiry Management is only available to offerors before the Ask Question Deadline.


Respond to Questions

The program office responds to questions from this screen. A table on this screen displays the question number, status, company name, reference keyword(s), tag, and question. There can be 15 items per page. You can filter questions on any text entered in the first search box, or you can sort by Status or Tag.  The status types are: Responded, Needs Attention, Rejected, Ready for Release, and Released. The tags are created or selected when you respond to questions. When you don’t need a filter, you can select Clear filters. Responses marked as Ready for Release are in the Review Answers screen. If no responses are Ready for Release in the Review Answers screen, there is an informative message about this.  From the Review Answers screen, use BACK to return to the Respond to Questions screen.

Click on a question to respond. The types of responses can be: Answer Question, Reject Question, Modify Question, Mark as Duplicate, and Mark for Helpdesk. Selecting the Tag field is optional, and it helps to sort questions into categories. You enter Answer Text in the next text box provided, up to 2500 characters. Save options are either Save or Save and Mark for Release.  Save updates the status to Responded, and that filter allows you to Create a Draft or Mark All For Release. Use Save and Mark for Release for individual responses.

Create a Question

This screen is very similar to the one that offerors use. In the Question entry field, you will enter a reference term for the section of the solicitation you need to be clarified, or you may enter a more general reference, as applicable, and then you can enter your question. As you complete each question, Save and Add to place the item in the Unsubmitted Questions list. You can also clear your work as needed. 

When you save and add a question, it appears in Unsubmitted Questions. In the unsubmitted state, you can edit or delete. If you have multiple unsubmitted questions, you can rearrange the order by moving them up or down the list. Additionally, all users in your organization can view and edit Unsubmitted Questions as needed. 

Draft Questions

This tab downloads a draft review of Questions and Answers. The download is PDF, and a watermark on the page identifies the Inquiry Responses as a Draft.

Released Questions

This tab downloads the latest version of Questions and Answers in a PDF file and sends a copy to the Industry dashboard for Offerors. The header at the top of the page identifies the Program Office, the title of the document (Questions and Answers), and populates a date field showing month, day, year, and time.

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